Influencer Marketing Consultancy

I help you work with bloggers, instagrammers and other socially influential types and get your business noticed!

Why use influencers to promote your business? Why Influencer Marketing Consultancy? 

Okay, so the term ‘influencer’ can make many people cringe, but the fact is that using the right people with an engaged social following to promote your product or business can have a hugely positive effect, in particular for SMEs or Start-ups. This is where influencer marketing consultancy comes in.

Having been a blogger AND business Digital Marketeer, it’s given me real insight in to how both sides tick and how the industry operates (and yes, it is a proper industry now!). Before setting up this business I’ve had many small businesses come to me for advice, and ask just how they can work with influencers to get their business known, but they don’t know where to start.

This is where I can help!

I can offer a range of influencer marketing consultancy packages, from a one-off, 2 hourly meet up to leave you with the basic tools to go it alone when it comes to negotiating with influencers, through to a business ‘hand hold’ over an agreed period of months, where I mentor you and offer you continued advice in this area.

I offer advice on:

  • What you should be paying influencers (and how to pay both fairly, and not be ripped off)
  • Ideas for influencer campaigns tailored to your business
  • Where to find the right influencer for you, how to approach them, and if possible, find you suitable candidates to connect with
  • Ethics and advertising guidelines within influencer marketing
  • Creating a 6 monthly- yearly influencer marketing plan


One-off, 2 hourly Influencer Marketing advice & consultation  = £200

3, 6 monthly, or longer – Influencer Marketing ‘Hand Hold’ package = £150 per month


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