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I thought I would come on today and say a quick ‘hi’ here on the blog, it’s been a while!

If I’ve been quiet it’s because I’ve been fortunate enough to have been very busy with clients, both established and new, so lots to get my teeth into lately.

Now we (cautiously) appear to be post- peak pandemic, and with the majority of restrictions gone, it’s been lovely to see my clients flourishing once again (although many never stopped being in demand), which has given me plenty to work with when it comes to blog writing and social media campaigns.

I’m still really enjoying managing the social media of these businesses, especially video creation and animation, plus the writing, overseeing website design, editing YouTube videos (more of that soon!), as well as sub-contracting for a marketing technology company and working for a global brand, which has been a fantastic learning experience and hopefully adding more strings to my bow.

Now all 3 of my children are at school, I’ve had more capacity to take on more clients, and am looking to possibly take on someone else to work with me as demand is thankfully high! Watch this space…

A big thanks again to everyone who supports me, and I’m looking forward to showcasing some new clients and examples of the work I do for them over the coming months.




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