Social Media Management

social media management

I help get your business or brand noticed socially, and give you that consistent presence across your channels!

Social media management is something everyone thinks they can do and have time for, but the reality often is that after an initial enthusiastic start, it’s the first thing to take a business back seat.

I can take the pressure off and look after your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. LinkedIn and/or YouTube accounts.

I am experienced in social media management on both a personal level and for businesses, and my own personal accounts have a following of over 25K.

I get to the heart of your business or brand, and ensure that the right tone and messages are being conveyed across your channels.

My monthly packages include:

  • Expertly crafted posts. I sit down with you, really learn about your business & develop a monthly content plan. We can discuss if there’s something specific you want to promote, and the messages you want to get across to your followers. I use a variety of engaging content, images and video to catch the eye.
  • Customer Creating Interaction. Let’s get your followers interacting and talking about you, for all the right reasons!
  • Social Growth. Get more people following and engaging.
  • Rebranding (if appropriate). I can advise on your current social image, streamline your channels, and create snappy strap lines.


Monthly Social Media Management Package (Minimum 3 months) –

From £300 per month


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