How to make the most of your business’ social media during lockdown

think outside the box

think outside the box

With the current global pandemic making it difficult to say the least for certain businesses to operate, and people confined to their homes more than usual, one of the blessings in disguise for is the chance to make the most of your business’ social media during lockdown.

During lockdown the average person has fully embraced social media as means of keeping connected with both friends and the outside worlds, to the point whereby we’ve seen a whopping rise in screen time and a 25% increase in engagement on Instagram and 30% on Facebook. I’ve noticed myself a 2 hourly daily rise in phone usuage (eek) that I can’t wholly blame on researching obscure Year 4 maths when homeschooling my 9 year old.

Whilst I understand that many businesses are desperately paddling to stay afloat right now just carrying out the business basics, it can pay dividends spending a bit of extra time on the following aspects of your business’ social media right now:

Be a force for good

The vast majority of people don’t appear to mind brands and businesses advertising at all right now- they understand that businesses have to find a way of staying afloat, and advertising and needing people to buy products and services is all part of that. However businesses would do well to read the tone of a nation (or world, even) and not exploit the situation using their social media channels.

Businesses must show that they are supporting government guidelines and social distancing advice when it’s given, and great ones are rallying around other businesses and causes (especially fellow local ones) and showing their support too- it’s a great thing to do ANYWAY as well as being a good look for your business.

Shoe company crocs are a good example of a brand who have got the tone right and given back- something that will have helped them gain huge support now and in the future. People remember accounts that are forces for good, and are more likely to show their support themselves when they need a service or product in the future.

Keep it Authentic

Again, going in line with ‘reading the tone’, but keeping social content as authentic as possible is more important now than ever. Your regular Joe Public on Facebook wants something they can relate to and connect with, and flash, showy displays are considered particularly distasteful right now.

If your business isn’t do so well right now, it can pay to be honest about it on your social channels (without being too doom-and-gloom or desperate of course!). Your regular social media followers are more likely to emphasise, share your posts and possibly buy your product or service, especially if you’re a business they usually do ‘invest’ in.

Get creative with content

With many businesses unable to operate as normal, it’s time to get creative with your digital offering! Our client, Bromley Property Company, has understandably been affected by potential buyers being unable to view properties, so we created a catchy social media video campaign around their new ‘Vendor Video Tour’ offering, which has proved extremely popular and was covered by the London Evening Standard ‘Homes and Property’ section.

So, think about what your clients/customers want right now, brainstorm ideas, and get thinking outside the box!

Businesses shouldn’t be afraid right now of ‘going’ for business, and they should use the time to create content for a more home-based audience. People are all about national collectiveness, doing good and supporting their community more than ever right now. Be confident with your messaging, read the tone, and get creative, it should really pay off in a tricky time.

Going forward- people will remember you!

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