Small Business Social School: What’s your story?

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Just a quick one from me today as I’m motoring through a load of work before I head off to Italy with the family next week!

Today’s blog is aimed at getting new business owners, or perhaps ones who haven’t done much way in the way marketing their business on social media, thinking about the following over the coming week:

What is your story?

I said in my previous post about the importance of developing a personal brand, knowing who you are and what your values are, and that people buy people. Having a ‘story’ and enabling potential followers and clients to ‘buy into them’ is a big part of building up that brand.

Have you ever actually thought about yours?

I’m not suggesting for one minute you make up a different persona, or invent a wild story about an implausible past, but I guarantee that if you have a business or brand that you’re truly passionate about and want to do well, that you’ll have a story as to how you’ve ended up where you are.

One that will more than likely appeal to the people who you also want to attract, whether it’s a conventional route to a career you knew you always wanted, or the random path of the underdog, or somewhere in between.

There can be a fine line between letting people know the real ‘you’ and ‘oversharing’, and different people will have differing parameters of comfort when it comes to this.

And I get this.

As someone who has had a largely personal blog for several years now, I know that there are some things I’m comfortable chatting about, and others I wouldn’t touch. But I do know that after all these years that the posts that are the most successful, with the most engagement and reaction are the ones that people can relate to, nod along to, and are often focused on a personal or shared experience.

When I take on a social media client now, one of the first things I do is find out the person’s, or the business’ story, and create ways to weave this within their digital fabric.

Sharing your ‘story’ on your website, via a business blog and/or on your social channels will give readers the chance to get to know you, warm to you and relate to you.

The combination of being able to schedule written content alongside live videos i.e. Instagram stories, means that there have been more opportunities to connect than ever before.

Every individual’s story is valid and unique- it’s simply finding a way of telling it digitally in the most captivating way possible….


“I’m writing my story so that others might see fragments of themselves.” – Lena Waithe, Screenwriter 


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